Australia 2021 RSA Honours Scholarship at ANU

Applicants for the RSA Honours Scholarship at the Australian National University in Australia for the 2021/2022 academic year are invited to apply.
The ANU College of Business and Economics’ Research School of Accounting grants up to 10 RSA Honours Scholarships each year. A major goal of the prize is to attract outstanding students to the Bachelor of Business (Honours) and Bachelor of Accounting programs.
Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) are focused on solving global problems and establishing a brighter future for everybody. At ANU, uniqueness creates value through connecting ideas, research, government, and industry.

Australian National Institution (ANU) is a world-renowned university in Australia’s capital city of Canberra. In addition, the university’s commitment to quality in research and teaching means that its graduates are in high demand across the world and are well-prepared to tackle today’s difficult issues.

In order to make ANU’s work accessible to its communities, ANU Global Engagement has a responsibility to make it so. Work by the group showcases ANU’s intellectual leadership and delivers the university’s transformative experience to its communities. ANU’s distinctive national role is also enhanced, and its ideals are reflected.


Eligibility for RSA Honours Scholarship at ANU

It will be given to a potential ANU student each year if he or she:

who has applied for admission and will enrol in either the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or Bachelor of Accounting (Honours) and expects to complete the accounting emphasis within either of those programs.

Applicants are chosen according to their grades. To determine whether students are eligible for the Honours program, they will be rated according to their grade point average or weighted average mark (WAM).

In order to be eligible for the RSA Honours Scholarship, students must be nominated by members of the RSA Honours Program Convenor, who is led by the RSA Director.

The RSA maintains the right to deny an award if it determines that there is no qualified applicant. Scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, and can be awarded at any moment based on unique circumstances or the quality of applicants and/or students.

An overview of how to apply for ANU’s RSA Honours Scholarship

Due to the fact that all eligible students are automatically considered, there is no need to submit an application.


As a result, recipients are required to take use of their scholarship during the semester in which it is available. Prior to the start of the semester for which deferral is requested, recipients who desire to postpone their scholarship must submit a written request to RSA’s Director. Awards for deferment will only be allowed if there are very specific circumstances. Subject to permission, a maximum of one semester can be postponed.


From time to time, the award winner may be asked to engage in publicizing for the award. As an example, consider public relations in the state or region where you live or where you went to school. You may be able to contact the beneficiaries for an interview and a photo. Also, the university may publicize the prize by releasing the names of the winners to the public. For such publicity, the College of Business and Economics or the University’s Strategic Communications and Public Affairs Office shall be responsible for making the necessary arrangements.

Deadline: The application closes on February 22, 2021.

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