Oxford University Pershing Square Scholarships 2022

For the 1+1 MBA, which includes both the Master’s degree and the MBA year, the Pershing Square Foundation offers up to five full Pershing Square Scholarships. As a result of their selection, the successful candidates will have the chance to attend important conferences and events throughout the year, such as Ditchley Conferences and the Skoll World Forum.

For professionals with more than five years of management experience, the Executive Master of Business Administration degree program is designed. Each module lasts for 16 weeks, with the majority taking place at Oxford University and a minimum of two taking place in significant foreign markets. There are two rounds of the program each year, beginning in January and September.

The deadline for applications is January 2022.

Participating Countries: All

If taken in (country): United Kingdom

Graduate Business Administration (MBA).

It was awarded to five people.


Worth of Pershing Square Scholarships

Tuition, educational fees, and a living stipend are all covered by the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarships.
The Pershing Square Foundation’s community offers opportunities for mentorship and networking with inspiring individuals and organizations.
You become a part of the Sad Business School community as soon as you begin your MBA program by attending activities and meetings with the Dean, professors, and other MBA students at the Sad Business School.
Over the course of both years, you’ll have access to and may make use of both your department’s resources and networks as well as Oxford Sad’s.
In addition, you’ll be invited to take part in a spring ‘tour’ to New York City

Duration of Scholarship: 2 years

Eligibility for Pershing Square Scholarships at University of Oxford

Students from abroad must apply.
A bachelor’s degree must have been earned by the applicant(s).
It is required that all applicants have a good command of the English language.
All applicants are required to exhibit leadership potential, as evidenced by their past experience and drive.


How to Apply for Pershing Square Scholarships at University of Oxford

All of the partnering Master’s programs have their own application form, closing dates, and requirements.

So as to be given consideration for the Pershing Square Scholarships, you have to apply to the 1+1 MBA by the January closing date for both your selected Master’s program and the Oxford MBA.

When you submit your 1+1 MBA application form, you will be asked to indicate if you would like to be given consideration for the Pershing Square Scholarship award.

You must submit an essay in your application form of no more than 500 words addressing this question:

How do you intend to change the world? What does this tell us about you as an individual?

Shortlisted candidates will be called to an interview with the selection panel.

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