Scholarship for young Christians in Croatia

Croatian scholarships for young Christians from poor nations are now being accepted by the Ministry of Science and Education, Republic of Croatia, for the academic year 2021/2022.

When it comes to the interdependence of basic human rights, peace, and security, the Croatian government pays particular emphasis. Most of the Croatian growth cooperation plans include such a strategy, and it is unquestionably included into the first sectoral aim of the National Strategy: human dignity.

It means that foreign development cooperation programs and projects are fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, while also promoting dignity, basic human rights, and welfare, as well as developing human capabilities and achieving full potential, regardless of gender, affiliation, status, belief, or place of residence, for all people everywhere. According to this sectoral precedence, the National Strategy states that all people have equal access to education without regard to their religion or nationality.

It’s clear that the promotion of basic human rights, such as the protection of freedom of thought, conscience or religion, and growth cooperation policies, which, in conjunction with this program, aim to create conditions for long-term sustainable development and growth of the community and the individual through academic programs, go hand-in-hand.

Minority religious groups, primarily Christians, are at risk worldwide. Since the Republic of Croatia is aware of this detrimental trend on a global scale, it has made it a priority to respect and protect the rights of religious communities, who are particularly vulnerable in developing nations. Scholarship recipients are required to return to their home countries after completing their studies. After returning to their homelands, they are expected to contribute to the progress of their communities, as well as to building capacities and increasing resilience at the local level, using the information they gained in Croatia.

Eligibility for Croatian Scholarships for Young Christians

Students from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa will be eligible to apply for a scholarship for the 2021/22 academic year.
Three to four years is the average length of a university undergraduate program. Upon completion, students are awarded the academic title of baccalaureus or baccalaurea, depending on their focus, which qualifies them for an expert work in either art or science after graduation.
Typically, a graduate university program lasts between one and two years in length. According to the concentration, applicants receive the academic title of Magister or Magistra.

The process of obtaining a Croatian scholarship for Christian youth

To apply for the Croatian Scholarships for Young Christians, send your application to
By the end of May 2021, the first round of applicants will be reviewed and selected.
It is mandatory for candidates to submit a 250-word essay/letter of motivation on their first choice of study, along with their medical certificate.
Curriculum Vitae (in Europass format) and scanned copies of secondary school or university diplomas and report cards for the two previous academic sessions must also be submitted by candidates.
Candidates must submit a letter of reference from the local government.


Application Deadline

Candidates are required to submit their applications for the Croatian Scholarships for Young Christians prior to May 17, 2022. The outcome of the selection will be published in June 2022.

Visit here for more details and to apply