Thompson Rivers University in Canada offers scholarships to US citizens and other international students.

The road to becoming a top regarded school at Thompson Rivers University began in 1970. The institution has also served students locally and abroad over the years. This is a public university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as vocational training. The university’s main campus is in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, and its name originates from the confluence of two rivers in the city. Students are supported in a variety of ways by the school in order to assist them to accomplish their academic goals, one of which is through scholarship programs.

Here are the scholarships that you may apply for:

U.S. Citizen Scholarships and others
An automatic CAD$2,000 per student award is available to US residents enrolled to a TRU undergraduate program that lasts at least two [2] years, as follows:


At least one thousand dollars (CAD) will be awarded to students who earn at least a B-grade average in Grade 12. (Assessed by international admissions).

TRU first semester GPA of at least 73% (B grade) is required to qualify for the second award of $1,000 CAD (Canadian dollars) (assessed by Student Awards).

A few additional things you should know
Once they have completed their first semester at TRU, US students are eligible to apply for all TRU scholarships and awards depending on their program of study.
Through the US Department of Veteran Affairs, TRU has been approved as a recipient of funds for US veterans.
When it comes to student loans, including Pell grants, TRU does not have a Title IV classification from the U.S. Department of Education.

Scholarships in Engineering
Consideration will be given to international students who have been accepted into TRU’s two-year Engineering Transfer program and are currently enrolled in it. A scholarship of $3,000 will be awarded to two new overseas students each year.


Sports Scholarships Abroad
In order to qualify for a TRU athletic scholarship, students must have excellent athletic talent and qualify for one of the Varsity Teams. To qualify for a scholarship, you must be a full-time academic student (not taking ESL).

The Jorge Campos Award for Studies in Canada

Jorge Campos, a Mexican football legend, has partnered up with Thompson Rivers University to launch a new scholarship program for students from Mexico.

As a result of the Jorge Campos Award, excellent students can study for a full academic year at Thompson Rivers University, one of the most popular study destinations in Canada for international students.

Mexican citizens who are presently enrolled in a full-time program of study in Mexico are eligible for the award. Applicants must also:


17-year-olds and older

Have a secondary education

The last year or last two years of study must have a minimum of an 85 percent average.

During your time at TRU, maintain a minimum grade point average of 70%

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