International PhD Study Grants at University of Liverpool for 2023 in the UK

On November 22, 2022, entries for this prize must be received.

Awesome deal! For the academic year 2023–2024, the University of Liverpool is thrilled to provide chances to deserving candidates who aspire to enroll in PhD studentships in Cleaner Futures MOF Catalysts for CO2 Utilization.

The selected applicant will develop teamwork and scientific communication skills by working closely with a dynamic team. This PhD studentship is a part of a significant initiative that aims to provide the scientific foundations required for the UK consumer chemical sector to grow into a sustainable and carbon neutral business.

University of Liverpool information
A public research institution called the University of Liverpool is located in Liverpool, England. The guide has previously placed it among the top 150 colleges in the world. With 33,000 students enrolled in over 450 programs covering 54 topic areas, the institution is research-based.

This institution offers programs in a broad range of academic areas for undergraduate, graduate, and research students. The University of Liverpool is regarded as being in the top 1% of universities in the world for its highly regarded research. The University of Liverpool is ranked #155 on the list of best international universities.

Benefits of Applying: The scholarship covers all tuition costs as well as a maintenance grant for 3.5 years. The maintenance grant is £15,609 per month for 2021–2022, with a potential increase for 2022–2023.

Subjects that Apply: Chemistry Department, School of Physical Sciences, and Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The candidates must satisfy each of the following requirements in order to be eligible:

The candidates must be enrolled in a PhD program at the college.
The minimum requirement for applicants is a degree in chemical sciences, while postgraduate research students are also encouraged to apply.
Approach to Application
The university’s online application site is where students must submit their applications for their desired course of study. All overseas students who are eligible for the scholarship will be given due consideration.

essential records

You’ll need the following to complete the online application:

transcripts and/or diplomas from schools or colleges
University records
degree transcripts
English proficiency diplomas
Personal assertion
Two references must each sign and use letterhead (these should be academic references if you have been in full-time education in the last three years)
study proposal (may be tested for plagiarism, collusion, and other irregularities).Entry Criteria: Applicants must fulfill the university’s admission requirements in order to be considered for admission.
All applicants to the University of Liverpool must provide evidence of their proficiency in English and meet all other standards set out by the institution.