Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program at Michigan State University in USA 2023

Application procedure for the Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program at Michigan State University in the United States. Visit the Michigan State University Scholarship Portal to find out how to submit an application for the Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program for the 2023–2024 academic year.

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For interested and qualified applicants, we are going to step-by-step detail how to apply for the Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program in this post.

Education Description
The goal of the Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program is to entice African students to enroll at MSU and thereafter contribute to the advancement of their nation.

Two yearly scholarships are given to MSU African students to motivate them to advance their education and contribute to the development of their nation. Women are advised to apply fervently.

The Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship program may provide up to two $1,000 grants each year. The caliber of the proposals and the resources available throughout the fiscal year in which monies are proposed for spending determine the number of awards made and the actual award sums.

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How Do I Apply for the Miriam J. Kelley Grant Program for African Scholarship?
Is the application for the Miriam J. Kelley African Scholarship Grant Program available?
The Michigan State University Scholarship will begin when.
I require updates on Michigan State University scholarships, etc.
Scholarships at Michigan State University portal.
accessible topics
all of the university’s courses.

Nationalities and Benefits Eligible
Students from African nations are the only ones eligible for this grant.

Throughout the course of the program, at least two prizes worth up to $1,000 will be given out yearly. Requirements
African MSU students in excellent academic standing are required to apply. (The financing prioritizes the advancement of women’s educational opportunities.)
Students at MSU on a temporary visa should apply.
The elements that indicate the possibility of an applicant returning to their country of origin must be described by the applicant.
Candidates must have a track record of success in achieving their educational objectives and the confidence to pursue new chances to improve their education.

Selection criteria: Proposals may ask for financial aid for tuition or for additional educational expenses like writing a dissertation or doing research. Also taken into consideration are costs for one’s own or one’s family’s education. We will also take into account requests for a portion of financial support to attend a professional conference.

How to Use
Although applications may be filed at any time, they must always be submitted by July 15 of each year. Send applications to 103 International Center, Office for International Students and Scholars. Two (2) sections make up the application: a narrative and two (2) supporting letters.

Part I: The applicant’s story must cover the following subjects in no more than three pages, single-spaced.

a general overview of the applicant’s educational objectives and how the proposed activities relate to those objectives (What you will do and why, where and with whom).
The activities’ specific goal and any potential benefits to the applicant and their place of origin in the short- or long-term.
Budget plan outlining anticipated costs for the activities and additional money that has been verified or is likely to be obtained by the applicant from the university or from other sources throughout the time or duration of these activities.

Part II: Letters of support

It is necessary to provide two supporting letters, one from the applicant’s adviser or chairman and the other from one of the applicant’s teachers.

For more information, see the program website.

Closing date
The application date for the scholarship grant is July 15, 2024. Application submissions must be received by the deadline, if not earlier.