Scholarship Program for Women in STEM for 2020 Study in the USA or Canada

Application procedure for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program at Women in STEM in the UK. Visit the Women in STEM Scholarship Portal to find out how to apply for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program for the 2020–2021 academic year.

You must have heard about the 2023 Women in STEM Scholarship Program if you are reading this. For interested and qualified applicants, we are going to step-by-step detail how to apply for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program in this post. Education Description
A woman who is now enrolled or accepted to a full-time STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degree program at an MPOWER Partner University in the United States or Canada will receive one $5,000 award. This scholarship award program will put a special emphasis on women who will use their STEM degrees to the benefit of society and the planet and who have the potential to serve as role models and advocates for women in STEM in order to fulfill MPOWER’s commitment to empowering high-potential global citizens to realize their educational aspirations—and become tomorrow’s leading innovators and scientists. MPOWER has long been committed to expanding access to higher education for women from developing countries. MPOWER is the top American supplier of education loans to overseas students and a recognized B Corporation. The conversations MPOWER has had with borrowers suggest that women in developing markets are less likely than their male counterparts to get financial aid for higher education. These statistics pose a societal problem that Manu Smadja, co-founder and CEO of MPOWER, wants to solve. “For us as a society, it is crucial that women have a sizable presence in the science and technology of the future. If we do a better job of encouraging female talent to advance the technologies that, for example, are reshaping cities, education, healthcare, and transportation, the world would look quite different. We’re helping to close the gender gap in the STEM industry by aiding talented female students in studying and working in North America, said Smadja. The launch of this new scholarship award program is a fresh method to level the playing field, but we would want to do much more.

Several candidates have contacted us with inquiries like;

How Do I Apply for the Scholarship Program for Women in STEM?
Exists a form for the Women in STEM Scholarship Program?
The Women in STEM Scholarship will begin when.
I require an update on the Women in STEM Scholarship, etc.
STEM Scholarship Portal for Women.
STEM disciplines are available.

Nationalities and Benefits Eligible
Students from all around the world are eligible to apply for this grant.

the top prize of $3000.
(2) Honorable Mentions: $1,000 Minimum
The pupilsObtain admission to or enrollment in a full-time degree program at a university in the United States or Canada that MPOWER sponsors.
possess legal authorization to study abroad in either Canada or the United States, as appropriate:
This indicates that the applicant satisfies one of these requirements for study in the United States:
Has a valid visa that permits them to study in the United States, or is a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) protected individual, or
is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
This implies the candidate satisfies one of the following requirements for study in Canada:
resides permanently in Canada, or
possesses a valid study visa for Canada

We created this scholarship award specifically for DACA and foreign students. Citizens of the United States and Canada who want to study in either country are thus ineligible for this award.

Winners will be chosen by MPOWER based on:

the caliber of the applicant’s written essays; the essays should demonstrate good English writing abilities, clarity of thinking, and appealing aims and vision;
The candidate’s track record of academic and (if appropriate) professional performance, the potential to make significant contributions to a STEM area that will benefit people or the environment, and the candidate’s potential to serve as a role model and champion for girls and women in STEM.

How to Use
Just a quick application and two quick essays are needed!

Before applying, it will be a good idea to review all of the application criteria or to read the scholarship FAQs on the program website (see the link below).
Visit the Award Page for More Information

The application date for the scholarship grant is December 31, 2020. Application submissions must be received by the deadline, if not earlier.