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Dear Reader, 

I am Daniel Asamoah.

A 46years old Construction contractor with an underlining Kidney stone and other kidney related Issues For The Past 9years.

I have tried medical approaches and my doctor has also placed me on some Drugs Which I have been using for Year.

A Month ago, I woke up to prepare myself for site and I noticed my body was heavy and I couldn’t walk very well, I tried hard by going into the Bathroom to take shower if My body will normalise.’

As I was about to enter the Bathroom, I noticed I fainted and I woke up on Hospital Bed.

This was an horrible experience and Besides me was my Wife and some of our Church Members.

Doctor told me my condition is becoming Deteriorating and I need to be admitted for proper medical attention.

I couldnt do anything and Just lied on the Hospital Bed thinking of Whats Next & How to get back on my Feet.


One of our Church members told me She has an “Herbal Product that one of Her Cousin used while Treating Kidney Stone & other Kidney Related Disease” and to God be the glory he has survived.

Immediately I heard that, I thought its Just a normal Drug and the results I will see will not be different from the Past Experiences.


My Wife told me to give it a Trial and she Put a Call Across to the said Cousin who later brought the “Kidney  Stone Crusher” to me at the Hospital.

I started Using The Product Since that Day evening and didn’t notice any change until the 4th Day.

I noticed My Body becomes more Healthy, I could do all necessary activities without getting tired Easily. I was able to eat normally and do my regular daily routines.

I was getting balanced and fit for daily activities.

Everything started making sense the more I kept using the “kidney Stone Crusher”.

After A Week, The Doctor that first attended to me when I was rushed in initially was fortunately to be in Duty and Saw my Health Status. He was so surprise on How Speedily I Recovered in Short Times.

He asked me What I was adding to the normal Drugs & Drips they Placed me and I showed Him The Box of the Product. 

He read the Ingredients used & the Functionalities of the Product.

With Smile on His Face; he told me everything used was Natural Herbal Extracts & He will recommend it to other Patients.

I was later Discharged and Get back to Life before I even Finished A Pack.



Chronic kidney disease does NOT have to lead to dialysis or a kidney transplant. I know it might be hard to believe. I know that you’ve probably heard, over and over, from doctors and specialists, that kidney disease only ever runs in one direction, and that’s from bad to worse.

I know how frightened, and frustrated, and angry this must make you feel.


But imagine for just one moment..

What if doctors and specialists do NOT know everything there is to know about chronic kidney disease?


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